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About Dr. Ayke Agus

A native of Indonesia, of Chinese, Dutch and Javanese ancestry, a multi-talented concert violinist and pianist, Dr. Ayke Agus began her concert career on both violin and piano at the age of 7, through out Indonesia with her mother as accompanist. Dr. Ayke came to the United States after high school, on a full scholarship to study violin and piano at Daemen College, Buffalo NY. Upon receiving a full scholarship for her graduate studies from the Julliard School of Music, she instead auditioned for the Heifetz Masterclasses USC, in Los Angeles, California. Her acceptance into the Jascha Heifetz Masterclasses at USC began a lasting association with the great violinist till the very end of Heifetz’s illustrious life.

In addition, Dr. Ayke collaborated with Mr.Heifetz on completing of many of his unfinished transcriptions for violin and piano, most of which are now published.

Dr. Ayke will forever be known for being the last accompanist for Jascha Heifetz, for the last 15 years of his life.

Dr. Ayke taught for 10 years on the piano faculty at USC.

After Mr.Heifetz’s death, Dr. Ayke Agus wrote “Heifetz, As I Knew Him”, which has been read by music lovers worldwide.

As a result, she has been invited to give annual masterclasses and lecture concerts around the world, such as at St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia, and Moskow. At the Jascha Heifetz Concert Hall in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the Juilliard School of Music, New England Conservatory, Boston University, George Mason University, Peabody Conservatory, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, Rice University, Houston, Texas, USC, UCLA, Los Angeles California, Yang Siew Toh (YST) National University in Singapore, University of Indonesia, and at major music schools in Indonesia.

In her spare time, she is a music for healing volunteer at many hospitals, and give charity concerts as her way to serve her God.

After 45 years living in Los Angeles, in 2018, Dr. Ayke Agus and her husband Matthew Mallen, a former English Professor moved to a small city in northern California, Yuba City, who accompanies her whenever she is on her life long mission.